Free Printable Gift Tags

I’m sharing the holiday spirit this year in the form of a free printable! My favorite part of the Christmas season is that it gives me a reason/excuse to make, buy, and find gifts for all of the people around me. This year, that includes you! This printable includes 6 different gift tags in various […]

A belated post-birthday #30in3before30 wrap-up

(Read about what this project is, read the first update, read my second update or my final update) Clearly, the ball got dropped. I didn’t finish all 30 things on my list. I finished 18 of my original goals, and replaced three of them with three alternative items that I did actually do, so a total of […]

#30in3before30 Update #3

(Read about what this project is, or read the first update, or read my last update) For the “in” category: I have learned that sewing isn’t as fast or as easy as I want it to be. I think I learn this every time I get excited about sewing? I didn’t get that quilt finished by […]

#30in3before30 Update #2

(Read about what this project is, or read the last update) It has been harder than I expected to make this feel like a coherent project. Coming off of the 100 Day Project I felt like I wanted another long-term goal-oriented project, or at least my thoughts were something along the lines of “Whoa, I actually […]

Origami Engineering (to build bridges and stuff, really!)

I had a really neat “small world” moment yesterday. A family friend, who I’ve known for longer than I can remember, sent me a link to an article about paper engineering. That’s pretty neat, but happens with some frequency since everyone knows I like paper. This particular article, though, happens to feature some really exciting work being done in […]

30in3before30 Update #1

The last three weeks, since I set myself to this challenge, have been a blur, and not a very focused or intentional blur. I’m thinking I’ll need to write my list down and post it in my studio somewhere so I can see it and keep making progress on it. (For now I’ll write that […]

30 in 3 before 30

I realized yesterday, July 30, that I was exactly three months away from turning 30 on October 30th. I’ve also been trying to come up with a new daily project to work on since I wrapped up my 100 Days of Paper Folding a few weeks ago. I decided it would be interesting to set […]

Reflections on 100 days of paper folding

I had so many intentions going into this project, and pretty much all of them fell by the wayside as I focused on scratching out enough time in each day to take a deep breath, find a piece of paper, and fold something. I had grand visions of regular blog updates to reflect on the […]

The 100 Day Project: 100 Days of Paper Folding

This has the potential to be a longer, sappier story, so I’ll just stick to the facts here. Stay tuned for more reflection and philosophizing. I’m participating in The 100 Day Project! I will be repeating a creative action (in my case, folding paper) every day for 100 days. The project kicked off on Monday, […]

Collaboration: A collaboration with

I got a fun request last week to write a little piece for a website called Thought Mixing Bowl. The site is a place for people to think and share about life, art, and community. There’s a new prompt every week, and a panel of people who write a response. The topic this week is: What […]