some cut out pieces of paper sitting on a table


A $500 non-refundable deposit secures your spot in my work queue. This deposit covers all of the prep work and drawing the mockup illustration for your portrait.

Your house portrait will be more expensive if it is a larger or more architecturally-complex building. These additional charges are based on the extra time required to design and then build the elements out of paper.

The final price will reflect what’s actually visible in the drawing of your home. Since there’s some variation in pricing based on the final photograph we work from, you will first purchase a Custom House Portrait Deposit to get started and I will work with you to determine additional costs that will be invoiced after the drawing of your house is approved.

Basic Cost: $1,200

Non-Refundable Deposit: $500
Payment due for project to begin

Construction & Framing: $700+
Payment due upon approval of mockup illustration

Possible additional costs:

If your home has more than 10 windows visible, add $15 per additional window.

For each window with shutters, add $10.

Window Panes:
$10 per window that is divided into more than two separate sections/panes.

I love porches, and also they are often the most complicated part of a house to build out of paper. If your home has a porch with more than two freestanding porch supports/columns, add $150. If your porch has more than 5 freestanding columns, the charge is instead $300. This charge is per porch that meets these criteria. There may also be additional costs if you have multiple entryways with stairs and/or railings regardless of the number of columns.

Complex Roofline
For homes with complex rooflines, additions, bump-outs, or other sections of roofing, there is a charge of $300 for homes with 5-7 roof peaks and/or sections of roofing, and $500 for 8+ peaks/sections.

Not included in complex roofline numbers, dormers will cost an additional $75 each.

Complex decorations or details:
Some homes have intricate trim details, decorative siding, or other elements that require extra time to design and may require more delicate cutting and assembly. Depending on the extent of these details, there may be an extra charge based on the complexity and scope of those details compared to the size and complexity of the overall house.

Framing Options
My base price includes professional framing in a handcrafted solid wood frame with anti-reflective UV resistant glass. I have partnered with a local custom framer to offer a natural maple hardwood frame or a black stained walnut frame. Once your custom house portrait is complete I will deliver it to the frame shop and they will work their magic to wrap it in a handcrafted frame, then I will ship it out to you (local pickup available).

House Portrait Pricing Example

For example, this house has more than 10 windows, and almost every window has more than two panes. Here’s the breakdown:

Windows: 15
Charge: $75 (5 @ $15)

Shutters: No shutters
Charge: $0

Window Panes: Extra panes on 14 windows
Charge: $140 (14 @ $10)

Porches: 1 porch, 2 freestanding columns
Charge: $0

Dormer: 1 dormer
Charge: $75

Complex roof lines: 4 roofing zones (two bump-outs, the front porch, and the main section of roofing with no peaks visible)
Charge: $0

Complex decorations: Nothing too complex
Charge: $0

Deposit: $500
Construction: $700
Complexity charges: $290

Total cost: $1,490*

*The photo above does not depict the custom frame I now offer as part of my standard costs.