three white paper map marker pins on a blue background

Real Estate Client Gifts

Paper Places are the closing gift you didn’t know you needed. Your client relationship management strategy might (should!) involve several touch points over the course of your time working with each client. The closing gift should be the most memorable, though, and Paper Places are that memorable gift because they are custom, handmade, and designed to be displayed.

Paper Places are:

  1. Easily Customized
    Each Paper Place is framed with your choice of colored background, and an optional marker to highlight a specific address. From local pickup/delivery to done-for-you gifting, with custom gift wrapping and gift note options, it’s also easy to gift a Paper Place. Discounts for bulk or frequent purchases are also available.

  2. Handmade
    Made in Arlington, MA by paper artist Abigail McMurray. The beauty of working directly with the artist is that anything is possible! You can add a place marker to a standard Paper Place design or commission a unique Paper Place. I love custom orders, so get in touch if you have something else in mind and we’ll make it happen.

  3. Designed to be Displayed
    Paper Places celebrate the literal shapes of the places we call home. They ship framed and ready to be displayed: they are easy to hang on the wall, and they stand up by themselves which makes them a fun addition to a shelf or mantle, mixed in with plants or other art objects. They’re too fun to hide in a cabinet or in storage “for later”.

    three framed maps of vermont and lake champlain
    a shelf with some plants and paper places map art on it
    three framed maps of Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Boston

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