Custom 3D Paper House Portraits

In August 2017, friends asked me for a special gift for their pastor friend whose church was closing. They wanted to remember and celebrate both their community and the building that contained it. That was the first 3D paper architectural portrait I created, and it launched me on this journey.

When your special place was built, someone designed it. Someone made the pieces out of wood. Someone put it together, painted it, decorated it, and then at some point, you came along and lived your life in it. Each piece of that place is intertwined not just with your story, but with those who came before you. 3D Paper House Portraits celebrate that connection in a fresh way. 

“There is a shared house that has been in our family for generations and has been photographed and sketched and painted many times over the years, but we realized that this would be a new and unique way to show off the house. Our parents were totally blown away when they opened the portrait.”

– Margot L.

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The Process

Starting with a photograph, I will create a mockup illustration for your approval. Then, with care and some serious attention to detail, I transform paper into an heirloom-quality architectural sculpture. Gluing each architectural element into place takes time, patience, and tweezers. The video below gives you a step-by-step peek into my process and my studio.

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Pricing 3D House Portraits

3D House Portraits start at $750, including your choice of background color and an 11×14 frame. Your special place is unique, and some elements may require extra effort – for larger or more intricately detailed homes there are additional charges. Be sure to note additional unusual or detailed architectural elements when you send your photographs so that I can give you an accurate quote for any additional charges. I will confirm your timeline once the mockup is approved, so please let me know if you are on a deadline or get in touch if you have questions about the timeline!

Commission slots are limited, first-come, first-serve, and only available a few times a year. I recommend joining my email list to be the first to hear when spots open. Spots tend to sell out quickly!

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“Abigail’s work is incredible incredible incredible! Our house has a million tiny little details, from scalloped shingles to decorated railings, and she captured them perfectly.”

– Jamie G.

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