Paper Places

For where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.

Artist Abigail McMurray assembling a custom paper house portrait in her home studio

Welcome Home

yeiou paper objects artist Abigail McMurray creates custom paper house portraits so that you can have a reminder of a favorite or special home right on the wall to admire every day. These heirlooms capture a home or other building, rendering the details and dimensions in a one-of-a-kind paper sculpture.

Custom house portrait made of paper depicting a large house with a deep front porch, overlaid with the Etsy Design Awards Creative Collaborations Finalist logo

Award-Winning Paper Objects

In the 2019 Etsy Design Awards, yeiou’s custom house portraits were chosen as a finalist in the “Creative Collaborations” category, and then also featured as an Honorable Mention when the winners were announced in September.

Framed map of Somerville, MA cut out to reveal a bright pink background.

Yeiou Paper Places

Framed cut-paper maps of special places far and near are available for purchase in the yeiou paper objects shop. You can even commission a custom map of any place in the world.

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