Architectural Portraits made of Paper

Born out of a love of paper and sculpture and combining the two in interesting ways, yeiou paper objects explores the potential in everyday materials, and helps you make little moments to be creative every day.

Commission your own paper masterpiece! Celebrate a new home, and old home, honor a special family home, or remember your wedding venue, office, your place of business, place of worship, or favorite travel destination.

Each custom architectural portrait is created by hand and starts with a photograph.

creating beautiful, useful, and surprising things out of paper since 2014

Papercraft Kits

Fold-it-yourself kits designed to paper crafting easy and fun, and leave lots of room for your imagination!

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House Portraits

Custom Architectural Portraits are 3D paper keepsakes of your home

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Custom Paper Objects

3D and interactive paper objects for packaging, promotion, or display

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