Architectural House Portraits

After years of creating miniature paper houses, I started exploring paper houses in more depth. These house portraits were born from those experiments! Working from a photograph, I will create a framed paper sculpture of your home. If you’re a Realtor, house portraits can be an excellent client gift. A small framed piece of art is something for buyers to hang on their new walls. For sellers, house portraits are a special way to remember a meaningful home.

House portraits also don’t have to be houses! I’m happy to work from photos of a favorite vacation destination, a restaurant, a meaningful church, an office, or an important historic building.

The base price of $250 USD includes a single color for the house and a single color for the background, in a standard frame. I’m not accepting new orders at the moment, so I can work through my backlog and get ready for the summer show season. Join my email list to get notified when orders re-open.

Read about how I got started making these house portraits over on the blog.

Realtor Client Gifts

House portraits make the perfect gift to commemorate a special home a family has sold, or to welcome a family into their new home! I offer a range of gift wrapping options to allow you to customize the presentation of your gift.

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