100 Days of House & Home: Week 1

I’m just over a week into the project! Woohoo! It has been harder to get back into the rhythm of this than I expected. Partly because my life is generally more full of things, partly because my eye for photography is better and I’ve been trying to finish my project for the day before the sun goes down, and partly because (at least so far) I’ve been trying a little harder and spending more time on each day.

I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done so far, though!

(Note! I’m posting these on my personal Instagram account, @yeiouamp, because, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. You can see more paper things more consistently at @yeioupaperobjects)

I also worked toward my goal of doing some more 2D work, and experimented with painting some of the stained glass in our house in watercolors. It’s not an amazing painting, but I’m pretty proud of it as the first representational painting I’ve done in over 5 years.

And I am apparently working on designing a quilt based around this idea of house and home, as well. I started by thinking about the floorplan of our current space and what that would be like in fabric form, and I’ve started pondering what would happen if I made a whole quilt of floorplans of places I’ve lived. Still not sure what or how this will evolve, but I’m excited about it.

So, this feels like a pretty strong start! I imagine I’ll skew more toward painting/drawing as the challenge progresses, since I may run out of paper houses to make. I also have to figure out what I’ll do during two separate weeks of travel coming up next month. I suppose I’ll explore some ideas around temporary/transient homes!

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