After the invitations are sent: Get organized

Things to think about after your wedding invitations are in the mail

Yay! You did it! You wrote an invitation, collected all the contact information, and sent that invitation out into the world. The party is officially on! At this point, you will have a ton of things to continue to sort out over the few months remaining before your wedding day. At some point you’ll consider […]

Wedding Invitations 301: Making Decisions

Wedding Invitations 301: Making Decisions

As I outlined in my Wedding Invitations 101 and Wedding Invitations 201 posts, you are not short of options when it comes to wedding invitations. After you’ve considered some of the decision-making guidelines I sketched out in those posts, you can move into the fun part: making your plan a reality! The list below is […]

Wedding invitations 201: Know your limits

4 Things to Consider when Planning your Wedding Invitations

If you’re debating the merits of different invitation formats, here are four things to consider when planning your printed or digital event invitations. If you’re just getting started thinking about invitations, don’t miss the first post in this series, Wedding Invitations 101: Making a Plan! 1. Consider your Guest List You might be inviting your closest […]

Wedding Invitations 101: Make a Plan!

Planning your Wedding Invitations: When, Where, & How?

There are as many different ways to plan a wedding as there are weddings, so my thesis here isn’t that there’s a correct WAY to plan your wedding or your wedding invitations, just that there might be an efficient order in which to make whatever decisions you’re going to make. As you’re beginning to plan, […]