Provincetown, Massachusetts Map Art


Add a framed map of Provincetown to your wall so that you can remember your summer fun all year round, no ferry ride or traffic-filled drive required!

A map of Provincetown, MA is cut from a piece of heavy white card stock paper with the word “Provincetown” below. Choose your own background color to coordinate with your decor or to evoke memories of time spent down the Cape! The black frame is 8.75″ (about 22cm) square, and 1.125″ (about 3cm) deep.


A note: You are purchasing a Paper Place of Provincetown, MA. This product listing includes photos of other map designs to show what Paper Places might look like in your home and to provide a close-up view of the way the artwork is created. This listing is only for the map of Provincetown, MA, not the other pictured Paper Places.

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Background Color *

Choose the color of paper you would like for the background of your map!

Glass Upgrade

Choose to upgrade your frame from standard glass to anti-reflective glass to reduce glare.

Place Marker Style *

Add a paper “pin” to mark an important spot on your map, or choose “none” to leave your map plain.

None $0.00 Generic Marker +$15.00 House Marker +$15.00 Heart Marker +$15.00

Address of place to mark

For orders that include a map marker, the address you enter here will be used to place that marker on the map. If you choose to add a marker, but don’t include an address here, your order may be delayed.

Gift wrapping

Your paper place will be wrapped carefully in brown kraft paper with your choice of satin ribbon tied in a neat bow.

Gift Message

Include a custom gift message (Limited to 500 characters)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in


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