Make Your Own Paper Place Kit


Feeling crafty? This kit walks you through creating your own custom Paper Place featuring any location or design you can dream up! This is a great option if you don’t want to wait for a custom map, or if you want to customize your map or add collage or other treasures to the background.

Your Paper Place Kit includes:

  • Shadowbox frame
  • Three pieces of white paper to cut your artwork from (one for the final, two to practice!)
  • Three pieces of colored paper to give you some background options
  • Instruction booklet with project ideas!

You will provide:

  • A tool for cutting paper (craft knife or equivalent)
  • A prying tool or old credit card to open the frame
  • A pencil or other drawing tool
  • Optional: collage materials, glue, tape, photographs, memorabilia, textured or patterned paper, etc.

Get the kids together to create something unique for grandparents! Make something special for a roommate who is moving out! Create a custom keepsake celebrating a destination wedding! Lots of possibilities.

While the instruction booklet included in your Paper Place Kit will walk you through the process, I also created a video tutorial that you can watch on my blog.

The Paper Place Kit was designed as part of the Maker Cities collaboration with Garrett Wade tools and originally available exclusively on their website.

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