After the invitations are sent: Get organized

Things to think about after your wedding invitations are in the mail

After the Invitations are Sent: Making a Plan for Day-of-Wedding needs

Yay! You did it! You wrote an invitation, collected all the contact information, and sent that invitation out into the world. The party is officially on!

At this point, you will have a ton of things to continue to sort out over the few months remaining before your wedding day. At some point you’ll consider things like: seating charts, table numbers, place cards, programs, signage, welcome gift bags, menus, favors, cupcake or cake decorations, cake or cupcake decorations, and gift table decorations,

The sooner you can give some mental space to these things, the more likely you’ll be able to achieve whatever vision you may have for them! Whether you choose to take care of all of these elements yourself, or outsource some or all to a designer and/or calligrapher, the sooner you can set aside a few minutes to sketch out a plan, the easier it will be.

I’ve created a printable worksheet that can help you get organized:

Download the day-of-wedding planning worksheet

Just like your invitations, there are a million different ways to make these things happen. The resources I listed in my post about making invitation decisions can be helpful here: many of the print-at-home or print-on-demand invitation services also offer place cards, menus, and other printed pieces. There are DIY kits and tutorials all over the internet, and kits at your local craft/hobby store.

I’ve collected some unique and interesting ideas for various pieces on Pinterest:

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