30in3before30 Update #1

The last three weeks, since I set myself to this challenge, have been a blur, and not a very focused or intentional blur. I’m thinking I’ll need to write my list down and post it in my studio somewhere so I can see it and keep making progress on it. (For now I’ll write that down, so that I remember to do it…)

So far I’ve made some progress on the “In” goals:

  • For #7 I started a new knitting project, the Laylow Shawl by Shannon Cook, as I played co-pilot and travel coordinator on a nearly two week long road trip to Oklahoma and back.
  • For #8, we spent all day Tuesday rearranging all of our furniture to switch bedrooms and offices around and leave me with a room that’s just studio space, and not also a bedroom. It’s very exciting! But it is also VERY messy everywhere as we attempt to re-settle everything.

And a little progress on some of my “Forward” goals:

  • On Monday I made another batch of my new greeting card designs and started photographing them. I’m the world’s slowest photo editor and Etsy-listing-creator, so there’s only one up on the shop so far. (#2)
  • I worked on another lesson on the Etsy Training course today, too, since the next one was about writing item descriptions and I needed a little prodding to find the words for the new greeting card listing. (#1)

I’m going to a book club meeting next week, so I suppose I’ll have to read that book by then, and that will be some more progress. I’m also really loving the Laylow Shawl pattern, and have been knitting every chance I get…even in the dentist’s chair yesterday!

And #roadtrip knitting! #laylowshawl #knitting #handmade

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