30 in 3 before 30

I realized yesterday, July 30, that I was exactly three months away from turning 30 on October 30th. I’ve also been trying to come up with a new daily project to work on since I wrapped up my 100 Days of Paper Folding a few weeks ago. I decided it would be interesting to set 30 goals for myself, to accomplish over the next 90 days before my birthday.

If I’m being completely honest, the reason I’m writing this blog post is because all of the “real” bloggers I follow do things like this. They decide to set goals, blog about it, and then feel some sort of accountability to the Internet to actually achieve said goals or at least record the results of their goal setting. I figure it’s the next step from my Instagram project, and hopefully I can do a better job of keeping up with recording my thoughts about the process on the blog. One thing I noticed from my 100 Days of Folding project is that I tended to be more interested in writing my caption than in making sure my photograph was perfect and lovely. So, let’s write more!

As I started brainstorming goals, I realized they all fell into one of three categories, which I’m calling “In”, “Out” and “Forward”:


Introverted, inside things, focused around crafting, making, and space improvements

  1. Finish at least one of my in-progress quilt projects
  2. Sew a dress for myself!
  3. Sew a shirt for myself!
  4. Sew a skirt for myself (with pockets!)
  5. Finish sewing the stand mixer cover
  6. Read 3 books
  7. Knit something for myself (or at least start)
  8. Rearrange and organize my studio
  9. Paint real paint over the primed trim we started painting over a year ago…
  10. Purge & organize clothing


Adventures in Boston and around the area, things I would just put off doing if I didn’t commit

  1. Spend a day exploring the MFA
  2. Visit the new Boston Public Market
  3. Visit the Lawn at D
  4. Pick apples, drink apple cider, and eat cider donuts
  5. Visit Portland, ME again
  6. Visit Vermont again
  7. Ride the Boston Harbor ferry (even if it’s just the quick one to Charlestown)
  8. Go for a run
  9. Take the train somewhere
  10. Take a long bike ride


Business goals! The sort of goals that would slip away in favor of more “urgent” things if I don’t actually hold myself to them.

  1. Finish the Merriweather Council Etsy course
  2. Design and launch a new product
  3. Design and launch another new product
  4. Design and launch a third new product
  5. Grow Etsy shop to 30+ listings
  6. Send 3 email newsletters
  7. Write at least 3 blog posts
  8. Reach out to at least one event planner to tell them about my products
  9. Make more inventory to prep for the holidays
  10. Design & build a new display for craft shows


So. There. It’s on the Internet so it must be true! Let’s see how this goes.


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