Awesome fangirl moment

You guys, Lisa Congdon shared a photo I took of her book on her Instagram feed and blog!

It’s teeny tiny, and there isn’t actually a credit, but those are definitely my wrinkly sheets (three down, on the left).

I discovered Lisa’s work through the former 20×200 (now where I purchased a print of a piece called “Lovebirds” first for myself and then for some friends as a housewarming gift. I followed along through several other collaborations with 20×200, and eventually became a blog reader and otherwise aware of her work. Especially as I made the leap from normal full-time work to a mix of freelance, self-discovery, and paper engineering I drew on Lisa’s story to shore up my hope that this (whatever it is or will end up being) might actually be a viable life path.

In everything she does, I appreciate Lisa’s desire to speak clearly and be as helpful as possible! It is so easy to just focus on your own success, but she also spends a lot of energy trying to help other people be successful, through her book, Art, Inc., as well as a related class she taught on Creative Live, all sorts of blog posts, conference talks, classes, etc. I don’t know how she has the time or energy for all of that, but I am sincerely grateful that she does!

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